Your career as a Building Information Manager

Your career as a Building Information Manager

Your career as a building information manager (BIM Manager) involves the management of digital files that are used to effectively manage a construction project, and therefore make better-informed decisions throughout the lifecycle of the project. Let’s have a look at what a career as a BIM Manager actually involves and where a career as a BIM Manager can take you.

Working as a Building Information Manager

A BIM Manager manages the creation and use of digital drafts for architecture, engineering and construction projects. It is a very broad and detailed role, but in general this role involves responsibility for:

  • Managing the development of models for all the project’s needs
  • Coordinating BIM logistics( file sharing, emails, contracts etc)
  • Reviewing document designs
  • Communicating any conflicts within the BIM process and resolving them
  • Creating models of structure, interior and exterior architectural elements
  • Working with CAD teams to deliver 3D models as per project requirements
  • Facilitating, minuting and actioning meetings of model-review team

Career Advice

Your career as a BIM Manager has a key role in the strategic development of any construction or civil engineering project. You could expect to work alongside some of the following roles:

  • CAD technician
  • Architect
  • Draughtsperson
  • Site manager
  • Design engineer
  • Project engineer
  • Purchaser
  • Estimator
  • Structural engineer
  • Building services manager
  • Finance manager
  • Documents controller
  • QA/QC engineer


Professional Qualifications

A third level qualification, preferably a Masters, in a subject such as architecture, engineering or some element of construction is an ideal background for a career as a BIM Manager. In addition to the academic qualifications you will need to develop significant work experience in terms of working in the construction environment for a contractor or subcontractor. Technology is obviously vital to your career as a BIM Manager, and you will need to have an excellent knowledge of packages such as Autodesk Revit, SketchUp and Navisworks and have experience of packages such as BlueBeam as well as complete familiarity with standard office packages. CPD is vital in this area, as is growing a strong professional network.


How your Career can Develop

The area of BIM management is continuing to develop in terms of scope and scale, as it becomes more integrated within the construction and civil engineering sector. To develop your skills and career in this area you will need to have skills that can be of strategic benefit to the overall project team, in addition to your technological skills. You will need to have good overall management experience in terms of leadership , financial acumen and strategic thinking, aligned with excellent technology skills.