Your Career as a Setting-Out Engineer

Your Career as a Setting-Out Engineer

A setting-out engineer is involved in providing technical support, advice and input on a construction site for those working on the site, whether they be contractors, operators or subcontractors. Let’s have a look at what a career as a setting-out engineer actually involves and where you career as a setting out engineer can take you.

Your Career as a Setting-Out Engineer

A setting-out engineer, your role on any construction project will be technical, supervisory and organisational. You will be involved at a strategic level in terms of determining the locations for key parts of infrastructure and will work with others to design this. In your role as a setting out engineer, just some of your tasks will be:

  • Working on the location of the site, setting out boundaries, levelling and participating in any surveying work
  • Monitoring health and safety protocols on the site
  • Keeping management and stakeholders appraised of progress in developing the site
  • Keeping a log book on the development of the project
  • Liasing with other disciplines on the site to resolve any issues and to ensure that the work is being done to the best possible standard
  • Ensuring that deadlines are met and that any deadlines are well communicated

Career Path

A setting-out engineer provides such a fundamental role at the outset of any project that in your career as a setting out engineer you can expect to work alongside a wide variety of other roles, including:

  • Civil engineer
  • Structural engineer
  • Estimator
  • Purchaser
  • Site manager
  • QA/QC engineer
  • Documents controller
  • Health & Safety
  • HSE Officer
  • Project engineer
  • Finance manager
  • Logistics technician
  • Draughtsperson
  • Site engineer
  • Instrumentation technician
  • Heavy equipment operator

Professional Qualifications

In order for your to start your career as a setting-out engineer, you will need a third level degree in an engineering discipline and also a range of industry or business experience. Due to the nature of the role and the wide range of opportunities therein, a career as a setting out engineer will have the scope for you to undertake continuous learning. Institute’s such as Engineers Ireland have a range of programmes and certifications available.

How can your Career Develop

A career as a setting out engineer will enable you to take part in ambitious projects of varying size and scale. Once you have established yourself within the industry as a setting out engineer you can work on a consultancy basis or management basis on large scale project both at home and overseas. Maintaining good relationships is vital in your career as a setting out engineer so building a strong professional network is essential.