Your Career in Project Engineering

Your Career in Project Engineering

A project engineer is responsible for all engineering and technical matters on a construction or civil engineering project. Let’s have a look at what a career as a project engineer involves and how you career as a project engineer can develop.

Working in Project Engineering

In your role as a project engineer you will fulfill a number of essential duties on any construction project, where your overall task will be to schedule, coordinate prepare and monitor any engineering elements of the project.

Some of your duties as a project engineer would include:

  • Planning the engineering requirements of any particular project and what would be required to deliver them.
  • Monitoring compliance to existing health and safety protocols and ensuring QA/WC policies are adhered to and that performance standards are set, measured and monitored.
  • Performing overall quality control of the work on the site and reporting regularly to management and project stakeholders on the progress of the project.
  • Assigning project responsibilities for the various engineering roles and overseeing and supporting the project team.
  • Cooperating and communicating effectively with the site manager, civil engineer and many more and providing any necessary technical support.

Career Path

As a project engineer you will have exposure on a strategic level in many areas of the project and in your career as a project engineer you could expect to work regularly with those in the following roles:

  • Site manager
  • Civil engineer
  • Structural engineer
  • QA/QC engineer
  • Health & Safety
  • CAD technician
  • BIM Manager
  • Geotech engineer
  • Finance manager
  • Estimator
  • Purchaser
  • Design engineer
  • Documents controller
  • Instrumentation tech
  • HSE Officer

Professional Qualifications

In order for your to start your career as a project engineer, you will need a third level degree in an engineering discipline and also a range of industry or business experience. Due to the nature of the role and the wide range of opportunities therein, a career as a project engineer will have the scope for you to undertake continuous learning. Institute’s such as Engineers Ireland have a range of programmes and certifications available.

How your Career can Develop

You can choose to specialise within various elements of industry, such as a particular area of construction or engineer or you can choose to upskill and undertake a course to work in areas such as medical devices, biomedical or pharmaceutical. With such a range of opportunities available, a career as a project engineer is one with considerable scope to match your ambition.