Creating an online resume is a great place to build and submit your resume to potential employers online for free. It’s easy to sign up, free to use, and you can access your resume from anywhere once you have posted it. Use our free Resume Builder to create the perfect resume online in minutes. Have you asked yourself how do I submit my resume? We thought so. That’s why we created a system for you to post your resume online that is simple and easy.

Post a resume on today and use it to find potential employers. It’s easy! You can upload your resume or start a new one by building a resume with’s Resume Builder.


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Go to Click the Jobseeker Login button. In the “Jobseeker Login” section, type your email address or username in the “Username or Email” box and type your password in the “Password” box. Click the Log In button. You can:

Build my CV online’s CV builder is the quickest and most effective way to create your CV online. You can use data that you entered in your Profile to populate your CV or you can create one on your own. When you’re done, you can preview you CV and add more information, or you can edit your CV whenever you’d like.

Upload my CV
This option allows you to upload your existing CV so employers can access, view, and print your CV in Word. If you’ve already created and saved a version of your CV, this may be the choice for you.

When you create your resume you’ll use it to apply to the jobs that you choose to. In accordance with GDPR, no one will have access to your CV other than the organisation who you submit an application to and our technical assistance team.

The file formats which are accepted by the site are .pdf, .xls, .txt, .doc, .docx, .odt, and RTF.