Your Career as a Land Surveyor

Your Career as a Land Surveyor

Land Surveyors fulfill a vital role on any construction project, with their role being to analyse land and provide data which is fundamental to any construction project. Let’s have a look at what a career as a land surveyor actually involves and how your career as a land surveyor can develop.

What does a Land Surveyor do?

In your career as a land surveyor you will be charged with determining exact locations for construction and civil engineering projects, in addition you will examine land boundaries, check legal deeds and records and present findings to clients and statutory bodies. In your career as a land surveyor you will be responsible for:

  • Locating suitable land for construction projects
  • Conducting detailed surface measures of the land
  • Establishing suitable construction sites, including land boundaries and water boundaries
  • Using GPS and geomatics to cross reference locations with satellite data
  • Researching land records, titles and deeds
  • Analysing previous surveys and ensuring the accuracy of data
  • Preparing necessary maps and reports for clients
  • Filing documentation with the necessary statutory agencies
  • Providing legal testimonies where necessary.


In your job as a land surveyor you will primarily be involved mainly before actual construction starts, but you will also be needed during the construction phase should any issues arise or should any expansion of the initial project be necessary. Some of the other roles you may work alongside include:


Professional Qualifications

A career as a land surveyor will suit you particularly if you have a keen interest in numbers, spatial awareness and mapping. A suitable third level qualification in mapping, surveying or geomatics is the best starting point, followed by becoming accredited with the Society of Chartered Surveyors of Ireland (SCSI). The SCSI have a large range of supports for Surveyors and also provide considerable opportunities for CPD and developing a large professional network.


How your Career can Develop

Your career as a land surveyor can take you literally anywhere, depending on the work that you want to do. Surveyors are needed on the ground on sites all around the globe, in all sorts of environments. Major international projects are, of course, for land surveyors with considerable experience so surveyors should focus building up a portfolio of work at all levels. There is a huge demand currently for surveyors due to the amount of work in the construction industry at present.