Your Career as an Architect

Your Career as an Architect

A career as an architect represents both the genesis and evolution of almost all construction and civil engineering projects. This is an extremely diverse role which merges both the technical and the creative. A career a an architect can see you work across a diverse range of projects both in Ireland and abroad. Let’s take a look at what an architect actually does, what other people you will work with and where your career as an architect can take you.

Architects are responsible for planning, designing and refining the technical plans for structures. An architect is normally involved with a project from inception through to completion and a career as an architect will see you working with multiple partners across various disciplines through the course of any project you are involved in.

In your job as an architect on a construction or civil engineering project or building site, an architect will generally be responsible for:

  • Providing detailed technical plans and schematics for projects
  • Providing technical support to the CAD and structural engineering team
  • Preparing design proposals and specifications to construction contractors
  • Ensuring that any regulatory and environmental concerns are met
  • Working with clients and contractors to resolve any issues or necessary modifications

An architect has a fundamental role within the scope of the overall construction or civil engineering project, dealing with personnel working across multiple disciplines at every level, from the site floor to management and consultancy.

On a construction project an architect would be expected, amongst others, to be in regular contact with those in the following roles:

Professional qualifications

An architect requires a formal qualification, with a five-year degree followed by a year working within the profession. This is then normally followed by two years of practical experience and an examination while working in a professional practise. See for more details.

How your career can develop

You will probably start your career as an architect in an architectural practice, which can be focused within a particular area; residential, commercial, industrial, environmental and more. The public sector is a growing area of opportunity also. Once established, with significant projects under their belt, many architects are able to set-up their own practices and consultancies. An excellent track record and a good network of professional and trade-related contacts is vital in order to have a successful architectural career.