Your Career as a QA/QC Engineer

Your Career as a QA/QC Engineer

The job of a Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Engineer is to ensure that the work produced by a construction or engineering firm meets the desired standards. QA/QC Engineers are involved in every aspect of overseeing the work on a particular project. Let’s have a look at what a career as a QA/QC Engineer actually and how your career can develop.

What does a QA/QC Engineer do?

In your role as a QA/QC Engineer, it is your role to ensure that construction is delivered according to agreed plans and specifications, within an agreed budget and a safe environment. Quality Assurance and Quality Control are different functions which are aligned to the same goals, delivering a quality service to the client and managing that delivery throughout the project. As a QA/QC Engineer some of your roles would be:

  • Ensuring QA/QC documents relating to any particular project are properly compiled, authorised, verified and stored
  • Taking note of any QA/QC breaches, documenting them and acting to resolve them
  • Developing and carrying out inspection procedures to ensure QA/QC compliance
  • Enduring that employees and contractors are aware of QA/QC procedures in relation to a particular project
  • Analyse metrics and performance and generate reports as to how they measure up against QA/QC standards
  • Communicate clearly with managers, clients and stakeholders in relation to any QA/QC queries


In your job as a QA/QC Engineer you will be involved on a strategic level throughout the lifecycle of the project. Some of the other roles you would liaise and work with include:


Professional Qualifications

A degree in civil engineering, construction management or construction technology would be a path into a career as a QA/QC Engineer. Since the role is a blend of engineering and QA/QC, project management certifications would also be required, as would ongoing CPD and validations and certifications through organisations such as a Engineers Ireland.


How your Career can Develop

Once you are certified and have enough relevant experience, a career as a QA/QC Engineer is a rewarding, varied and well remunerated one. QA/QC Engineers can develop their career to work as consultants to firms that they may have worked in in the past. To leverage the best opportunities, make sure you maintain excellent communication skills and develop a strong professional network both at home and abroad.