Working as a Mechanical Engineer

Working as a Mechanical Engineer

A mechanical engineer is involved in the design, development and deployment of tools, engines and machines. A career as a mechanical engineer has very broad scope, covering multiple sectors. Let’s have a look at what a career as a mechanical engineer actually involves and how your career can develop.

What does a Mechanical Engineer do?

From a construction perspective, mechanical engineers work to design, install and maintain machines such as generators, engines, turbines and much more. As a mechanical engineer, some of your responsibilities would be:

  • Problem-solving to see what mechanical device may be able to solve a particular issue
  • Developing and testing prototypes of a particular device or machine to ensure it is fit for purpose
  • Identifying problems with existing machinery and devising repair solutions
  • Overseeing the correct usage of the machine and assisting with any training
  • Work with product designers on the planning of machines and conducting simulations
  • Identify which parts will need to be replaced during the course of a project and work with management to ensure parts are in ready supply.

Job Responsibilities

Your career as a mechanical engineer will mean that you are in demand across multiple sectors. From a construction perspective you will be particularly needed on large scale civil engineering projects, but your work will be in demand across all construction related sites as they increasingly rely of safe, high-output mechanical devices to complement the human workforce. On a construction site, some of the other roles that you would work alongside would include:


Professional Qualifications

Due to the complexities of the role, a career in mechanical engineering requires a specialised third-level degree in mechanical engineering or mechanical engineering technology. Degrees in physical sciences or construction science are also relevant but would require significant postgraduate study in order to specialise in the field of mechanical engineering. Once you have your qualification you can seek chartered status with Engineers Ireland, which will also provide you with significant CPD and professional networking opportunities.


How your Career can Develop

A career in mechanical engineering can see you working on everything from smaller, bespoke jobs to vast construction projects in various different countries. Due to the significant demand for mechanical engineers they can also choose to work outside the construction and civil engineering sector, with opportunities across a wide range of areas including biomedical, aeronautics, shipping, science and more.