Your Career as an Electrical Engineer

Your Career as an Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineers work alongside electricians and site management to design electrical systems by developing and testing components and networks that the project requires. Let’s have a look at what a career as an electrical engineer actually involves and how your career can develop.

Working as an Electrical Engineer: What to Expect

An electrical engineer evaluates various electrical systems, products, components, and applications by designing and conducting research on what is required on any construction or civil engineering project. This is a very technical role, with mission-critical requirements and deadline for the entire project.

Amongst many other roles, an electrical engineer is responsible for:

  • Testing and confirming the capabilities of any electrical network and performing any necessary improvements
  • Developing electrical systems by discussing what is required with site management and clients
  • Ensuring that product quality is adhered to by designing proper testing methods and making sure that the testing confirms to health & safety standards
  • Preparing product reports by collating, analysing and summarising key information
  • Maintaining professional and technical knowledge by CPD and developing a strong professional network
  • Communicating results and outcomes in clear and easy-to-understand language to third party stakeholders, both in person and via detailed written reports.

A Team Role

Electrical engineers fulfill an important and very technical role on all construction and civil engineering projects. In your career as an electrical engineer you will work alongside the following roles on a construction site, and other besides:


Professional Qualifications

Third level qualifications are a must, as this is a very technical field. Some of the relevant electrical engineer skills and qualifications would be; electronics systems, electronics testing and design, project management, quality assessment and quality control, database design, informational analysis and data science. Bodies such as Engineers Ireland have a great range of certification and CPD courses so that electrical engineers can further their skillsets and career prospects, they also host many networking and professional events


How Your Career can Develop?

Electrical engineers generally work for engineering firms and consultancies and are involved in regular, senior-level meetings on all major construction and civil engineering projects. Continuing Professional Development and ensuring that you stay abreast of all relevant technologies is vital in order to develop your career as an electrical engineer. Developing, maintaining and expanding a good professional network, both at home and overseas, will greatly assist you in furthering your career as an electrical engineer.