Working as an Estimator in the Industry

Working as an Estimator in the Industry

Construction Estimators work at estimating and establishing the amount of work needed on any particular construction project. Your career as a construction estimator will involve collating and developing proposals and coordinating a detailed report which will cost the entire project from start to finish. Let’s take a look at what an estimator actually does, and how your career can develop.

What does an Estimator do?

Your career a construction project fulfills a vital role in the overall shape and structure of the project. While you will be involved with many different roles within the context of the overall project, an estimator will be responsible for the following tasks, amongst others:

  • Gaining a deep understanding of the project requirements and developing subsequent documentation
  • Selecting and tracking vital metrics that will ensure the project is being delivered on time and to budget
  • Visiting various sites and suppliers in order to develop an accurate estimate
  • Preparing realistic and well-developed forecasts and proposals
  • Presenting these reports to senior management and clients
  • Building and maintaining long-term relationships.

Role Responsibilities

In your career as a Construction Estimator, you will need to have a good knowledge of technology and project management methodologies and you will work alongside many other roles, including:


Professional Qualifications

Your career in the construction industry will generally necessitate a third level degree in construction science or engineering. If you have some financial or economics certifications or experience it will also add to your career as an estimator. There are many more career opportunities available for estimators, and it is advised to continue to upskill and build your professional network in order to expand your career opportunities.


How your Career can Develop

A career as a construction estimator means that you can work on projects of considerable scale and ambition. An estimator fulfills a vital role within construction contracting firms and estimators often work for consulting firms in addition. Technology plays a massive part in developing your career as a construction estimator, with packages such as Timberline or HCSS HeavyBid particularly common within the industry. In your career as an estimator, communication is also key as you will need to be able to negotiate in addition to just relaying facts and figures, so good interpersonal skills are vital in terms of developing your career as a construction estimator.