CIF Members to Cease Working and Secure Building Sites

CIF Members to Cease Working and Secure Building Sites

Following Last Friday’s statement from the Taoiseach – outlining new Covid-19 measures that stated workers must stay at home in all circumstances except where work is an essential health, social care or other essential service that cannot be done from home – director general of the CIF, Tom Parlon has directed that members to cease working on building sites and secure them immediately.

CIF Members to Halt Construction Immediately

“According to Minister Simon Harris, construction is not deemed as essential service and as such construction workers should stay at home effective from midnight last night. The Government is finalising a list of essential services to be completed later today that might outline some limited forms of construction essential to combating Covid-19 directly.” stated Parlon in a statement released on the 28th March.

“In the meantime, the CIF is calling on its members should secure construction sites immediately. We recommend that members sending teams to secure sites should call ahead to Gardai to inform them. As ever, the construction industry is ready to help combat Covid-19 in any way possible. The CIF will continue to engage with Government and the HSE to explore ways the industry can contribute.” he concluded.

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To view the list of essential service providers or to stay up to date with the latest news, see the link below. Construction companies should consult CIF guidelines to establish if they are essential services.

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