ESB Apprenticeships & Career Services Preparation Training

ESB Apprenticeships & Career Services Preparation Training

The ESB Apprenticeship programme is by far one of the most popular apprenticeship programmes each year. Below, Career Services have outlined some general information about the ESB apprenticeship opportunity for those interested. The information below is based on previous recruitment campaigns and candidates are encouraged to consult the official ESB website for definitive information during recruitment campaigns.

The ESB has committed to taking on approximately 300 apprentices between 2015-2020 (with 70 apprentices being recruited in 2019). Recruitment usually starts in spring each year with successful candidates usually commencing training in autumn of each year. According to the official ESB website applications for the 2020 ESB Apprenticeship programme will open in February 2020. Candidates need to be 16 years of age on June 1st, 2020. A full list of eligibility criteria can be found on the official ESB website.

About the ESB Apprenticeship Programme

As an Apprentice Electrician/Network Technician, this programme offers you on the job learning as well as classroom-based learning. Apprentices benefit from varied work experience, working both indoors and outdoors and will learn a variety of electrical and practical skills. ESB Networks is well-known for its high-quality apprenticeships which result in qualifications in the electrical and mechanical trades.

The ESB apprenticeship offers:

  • 4 year paid programme
  • Classroom based learning combined with practical experience
  • Operate in a team environment
  • Combines college and on job training
  • Work indoors and outdoors
  • Internationally recognised qualification QQI advanced level 6 Electrical trade certificate

See here for the official ESB Brochure

Preparing for the ESB Assessments and Interview 

Every year Career Services help prepare hundreds of candidates for the ESB apprenticeship and other apprenticeship selection tests and interview. These popular preparation courses give you all the tools you need to maximise your performance in the assessments and to ensure you are best prepared for the interview should you proceed to this stage. Not only are these preparation courses appropriate for the popular ESB Apprenticeships, they are also appropriate for many other apprenticeship competitions such as Aer Lingus, Bord na Mona, Bus Eireann, eir, Iarnrod Eireann as well as hundreds of other private company apprenticeship competitions. Most apprenticeships would use very similar styles of aptitude tests and interviews. In addition, the courses have far-reaching benefits and provide you with life-long interview skills. They have two course options to choose from. See the apprenticeship section or find out more about how to give yourself the best chance at success in the apprenticeship selection tests with the course options below.

Please note: Based on the official ESB Brochure eligible candidates that apply when applications open will receive an invitation via email to complete online aptitude tests. According to the ESB brochure, these online assessments must be completed within a certain number of days upon receipt of the email. For this reason, they advise anyone interested in the preparation course to attend their preparation course before submitting an application. These programmes are strategically set to allow ample opportunity to apply after attending the course. However, anyone not interested in a preparation course can, of course, apply at any stage as soon as ESB applications are open. 

IMPORTANT: Applying for a Career Services preparation course is not applying for an apprenticeship. Career Services is a private company that helps people to prepare for entrance exams and interviews and bears no association or influence with the organisations mentioned on this website. These courses are not mandatory, they are optional courses. 
Apprenticeship Preparation Courses

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