House Building Increase

House Building Increase

The latest figures show that Commencement Notices for 3,203 residential units were received by Building Control Authorities in September. This represents a 48% House Building increase on August. Data indicating that approximately 21,000 residential units were commenced between April (when the construction sector fully reopened) and September. Commencement Notices for a total of 24,226 residential units were received this year.

The latest construction activity statistics, published on the, also indicate:

• Latest Commencement Notices data show that in the year to September 2021, 30,519 residential units were commenced, up 40% year-on-year, when compared to the same period to September 2020.

• 581 Commencement Notices for residential developments were received in September. This is an increase on August, when 559 Commencement Notices were received. Data show that in the year to September 2021, 6,324 units were commenced, up 23% year-on-year when compared to the same period to September 2020. Commencement Notices relate to either one-off units, units in a scheme or material change of use to a dwelling.

• Of the 3,203 residential units notified to be commenced in September, 485 single residential (one-off) units were commenced. This is an increase on August’s total of 466. Data show that in the year to September 2021, 5,243 units were commenced, up 22% year-on-year when compared to the same period to September 2020.

• The number of house registrations with HomeBond in September was 2,484, up from 1,235 in August, representing an increase of 101% on August. The data shows that in the year to September 2021, there were 15,316 registrations, up 49% year-on-year when compared to the same period to September 2020. HomeBond registrations provides warranties on new homes. Warranties typically cover any major structural defects over a ten year period. Registrations are normally issued one month before work commences on the site.

House Building Increase

Commenting on the latest figures, the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Darragh O’Brien,  said:

“These figures indicate increased construction activity and should lead to increased housing supply, which is critical to meeting our housing needs and making housing more affordable, the aim of Housing for All, the Government’s housing plan to 2030. This data follows figures showing an increase in the number of new dwelling completions in Quarter 2 this year, up 4.6% on the most recent comparable figure in 2019. Quarter 2 saw an increase in completions of all dwelling types. It also saw a significant increase in the number of planning permissions granted, with over 11,000 permissions granted.

“Housing for All, the Government’s new housing plan, aims to increase housing supply so that an average of 33,000 homes are built each year to 2030. Increased supply is central to increasing the availability and affordability of housing, for purchase or rent. Through Housing for All, the Government will make record investment in social and affordable house building. It will also implement a range of actions to reduce construction costs, improve building standards and support innovation and productivity in construction. We know there are challenges to building houses right now such as rising costs and supply chain difficulties, but we will remain focused on implementing the right measures to make increased housing supply a reality.”

The latest Commencement Notice figures are available to view at

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