Jobs: Energy & Systems Engineer – Grade 2

Jobs: Energy & Systems Engineer – Grade 2

Transport Infrastructure Ireland is seeking an Energy & Systems Engineer – Grade 2.

The position of the Energy & Systems Engineer(s) within the Energy and Systems department will play a key role in the delivery of various systems-based projects as well as energy related activities and initiatives within TII. The position(s) will also provide technical expertise in the various Luas and Metro systems.

The primary role is to provide engineering support for the traction, signalling, electronic control and communication systems for existing and new Luas and Metro lines. The role encompasses the following areas:

  • Central control system (CCS)
  • Automatic vehicle location system (AVLS)
  • Fixed equipment (FE) SCADA system
  • Power supply (PS) SCADA system
  • Stop passenger information display (PID) system
  • Stop public address (PA) system
  • Radio transmission system
  • Cable transmission network (CTN) system
  • Telephone system
  • Emergency telephone system
  • Video monitoring system (CCTV)
  • Timing system
  • Line Signalling System (LSS)
  • Light rail vehicle (LRV) radio and AVLS systems
  • AC power supply system
  • DC traction power supply


The principal duties of the position will include:


For new Luas and Metro lines and alterations to existing lines:

  • Contribute to the definition of employer requirements and specifications for Luas and Metro works.
  • Review contractor’s design submissions, seeking input from interested internal and external parties where applicable.
  • Contribute to managing the power and electronic systems work interfaces between contractors and the Luas operator and maintainer throughout the design, construction, testing, commissioning, and trial running phases of projects.
  • Contribute to the definition of testing and commissioning activities.
  • Witness to Factory Acceptance Tests, site acceptance tests and commissioning activities.
  • Monitor on-site installation, ensuring quality of works and adherence to programme.
  • Review final as-built handover documentation, including user and maintenance documentation.
  • Providing timely and accurate updates on the progress of activities to the Energy & Systems Manager and Contracts/Project Managers.
  • Assist in the preparation of safety documentation for review by internal and external regulatory organisations.
  • Managing input into standards.
  • Other energy or systems related matters as they arise from time to time.


For existing lines:

  • Provide support and technical advice on issues arising on existing Luas systems.
  • Participate in systems performance reviews with the existing operator and maintainer.
  • Providing expert technical input to projects and to functional teams on issues related to the various systems/areas, to ensure the delivery of a safe operating environment;
  • Providing high-level technical advice to the Luas Operations department in relation to maintaining the existing system and managing obsolescence;
  • Monitor on-site works, ensuring quality of works and adherence to programme.
  • Develop and maintain best practice guidelines for traction and electronic systems.
  • Suggest and develop safety or operational improvements to existing lines.
  • Assist in maximising commerical opportunities of existing infrastructure.


The successful candidate may also be required to provide engineering support in similar tasks for various Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and c-ITS related initiatives on road projects, including the following areas:

  • Power supply, routing and design (including sustainable energy solutions);
  • Communications technologies including real-time, mobile and wireless, cabled networks, and active components;
  • Testing and commissioning of equipment including attending Factory Acceptance Tests;
  • Management of assets and maintenance regimes.


Certain situations (e.g. emergencies, particular testing and commissioning activities etc.) will from time to time require the Engineer(s) to work additional/alternative hours. 

All of the divisions within TII have inter-dependant responsibilities and close cooperation and teamwork is required across the organisation. 

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