Your Career as a Construction Labourer

Your Career as a Construction Labourer

Construction labourers make up a fundamental part of any building or civil engineering project. A job in this area doesn’t require any particular qualifications but it does require health & safety certification, and a desire to work hard in challenging conditions in all types of weather. Let’s take a look at what a construction labourer actually does, what other people you will work with and where your career as a Construction Labourer can take you.

Working as a Construction Labourer

A construction labourer essentially provides the human physical labour element on a construction site. They are there to assist those in other trades to do their job in an effective and efficient manner and a good team of construction labourers help a construction site run smoothly. Tasks would include preparing construction sites by clearing material, removing any hazards and unloading supplies and materials for construction. They also prepare and transport materials for other tradespeople, such as bricklayers and carpenters, for example, to use. In a career as a construction labourer, you need to be physically fit, with good stamina and endurance, and be able to take instruction, direction and guidance from a wide variety of supervisors, health & safety personnel and tradespeople.

What the role entails

In your job as a construction labourer on a construction project or building site, you will generally be responsible for:

  • Having a basic knowledge of construction site machinery and ensuring it is maintained well
  • Help operators of equipment and construction vehicles during the course of their work
  • Prepare construction materials (cement, asphalt etc) for use by tradespeople
  • Clear hazards and waste from the construction site
  • Have a knowledge of scaffolding and assist in the construction and removal of scaffolds
  • Clear and fill earth, where necessary, from the construction site
  • Follow instructions and learn from on-the-job training

Career Progression

On a construction project, a labourer would be expected to be in regular contact with those in the following roles. These are just an example, as a construction labourer, you will need to be able to take direction, and work with all aspects of the project:

Professional Qualifications

You don’t need any qualifications in order to work as a construction labourer. In order to start a career as a labourer, you need to be more than 16 years of age and hold a valid Safe Pass, which is obtained via a  day of intensive training and assessment. Courses for Safe Pass are held regularly throughout the country. It will also be of benefit for your job as a Construction Labourer to have a full driving licence.

How your Career can Develop

As a labourer, there is currently plenty of work as the industry is booming. A good construction labourer will be highly sought after and can work across different projects as needed by the construction company that employs them. Conditions and health and safety requirements have made working in this field more attractive in terms of consistent work but a very strong work ethic, the ability to learn and develop your personal network is vital, as are reliability and punctuality.