Working as a Glazier

Working as a Glazier

A glazier is responsible for installing glass in windows, doorways, sky-lights, display units and anywhere else it is required. Working with an expensive commodity in the shape of glass, work as a glazier blends creativity, hard work and attention to detail. Let’s have a look at what a career as a glazier actually involved and how your career can develop.

What does a Glazier do?

Glaziers generally work as specialised contractors in this area or with a construction firm to provide a glazing service. It involves working with glass and glass variants in terms of preparing, installing and finishing glass panels of varying size. Their work on a construction site generally involves:

  • Meeting with clients and site management to determine what is required and when
  • Fabricating and installing the frameworks which will hold the glass
  • Checking for any snags in the structure that will interfere with glass installation
  • Preparing glass for installation and cutting or finishing as needed
  • Providing any post installation checks and ensuring that the framing is correct
  • Addressing any issues that arise
  • Ensuring that you use the right product for the right purpose.


Glaziers work closely with other tradespeople and site management in the course of their work, including:


Professional Qualifications

One of the most common routes is via apprenticeships, where glaziers learn the role ‘on the job’ with a glazing firm and also study for their recognised qualification in construction technology in college over 7 phases of work and college based education. Once you have established yourself as a glazier, you can apply for membership of bodies such as the National Guild of Master Craftsmen. Due to innovation within this sector, constant training and upskilling in new methodologies, materials and equipment is advised if you are to have a successful career as a glazier.


How your Career can Develop

As a glazier you can choose to specialise in particular areas during your career as a glazier, so you will need to upskill and earn any necessary certifications. You can specialise in areas such as domestic or residential glazing, industrial construction glazing, exterior glazing or civil engineering projects. Ultimately you can build up your own client base and start your own glazing services or contracting business or work with large firms or contractors that would require your services as a glazier.