Careers in Plumbing

Careers in Plumbing

A career as a plumber involves repairing, maintaining, installing and customising pipes, fittings and devices associated with water systems, whether they be domestic, commercial, industrial or otherwise. Let’s take a look at what a plumber does, what other people you will work with as a plumber and where your career in plumbing can take you.

What jobs are available in Plumbing?

Plumbers form an integral part of all construction projects, with their work fundamental to the successful delivery of the project.

Some of the roles that you would be responsible for as part of your career as a plumber on a construction project would be:

  • Working with plans and blueprints to construct schematics for the layout of pipes and drainage systems
  • Installing the necessary supports for pipes, fittings and equipment before they are fitted
  • Modifying pipes and fittings as required
  • Installing heating and conditioning systems as required
  • Working with other tradespeople and site management to ensure the job is done correctly.



A career as a plumber means you will have a fundamental role within the scope of the overall project, providing a highly specialised skillset. On a construction project a  plumber would be expected to be in regular contact with those in the following roles, amongst others:


Professional qualifications

There are strict regulations relating to becoming plumber in Ireland, so you will need the NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Maintaining and Installing Domestic Heating Systems and an NVQ Level 2 or 3 Diploma in Domestic Heating and Plumbing. Candidates with several years of experience could get by with a Level 2 qualification but a Level 3 qualification is a must if you are starting out in this trade.

Suitably qualified plumbers can join a reputable body such as the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors Ireland (APHCI). This association is the trade representative body and for qualified plumbers and heating contractors in Ireland.


How your career can develop

As a plumber you can choose to specialise in particular areas during your career, so you will need to upskill and earn any necessary certifications. You can specialise in areas such as electrical, domestic, industrial and drainage, amongst many more. Ultimately you can build up your own client base and start your own plumbing contracting business or work with large firms requiring your specialist services. Reliability, time management and delivering work of the highest calibre is a must, mistakes relating to plumbing are expensive and damaging.